Today, I did not go to uni as early as the other mornings. I did not feel quite well – like been feeling nausea all the morning. I might catch cold. Shivering in fever, I was trying to do a little work in front of the computer but I could not focus. I kept checking whether the heater worked or not. It worked well. Only, I used the cold issue to be lazy and I decided to sleep. I slept like for 2 hours when the sunshine bathed me and I felt warm. I opened my eyes, yet still feeling dizzy. I even thought about skipping class.

I walked to the window, watching the passers by rushed up and down the hill. I could tell that outside must be very cold without looking at the temperature at my phone. Everyone put on coat, scarfs, gloves and beanies. Yet, the sunshine was there, but it seemed powerless to the cold winter wind.

I saw a car stopped by the Hotel Marriot Royal, across my flat. A man got out and opened his hind car baggage. He took 2 wheels. I wondered what he was doing. Then he moved to the front door and took the a folded chair. I understood that was a wheel chair. But, what is that for? He was totally fine. He set the wheels into the chair and made sure they were firmly locked. Then he opened the door car. He helped  a man who looked as young as him and had him seated on the wheelchair.

The man on the wheelchair thanked him and said goodbye to him. Apparently, the man might be an uber driver. Then, the driver looked at the man moved his wheelchair quite in difficulty. The driver pushed the man’s wheelchair until he got into the Hotel’s door which I guessed he would have not been able to do it if was not for the driver. The hotel’s door is high enough for him. The man on the wheelchair again thanked him and the driver went away with his car.

I was touched and blessed. I was before trying to find reasons not to do things. I excused that today I was not feeling well. Thus, it was okay to be lazy. It was then, I felt that I must go to uni and have my class. Well, today I had a presentation actually and thanks God, it was well presented.

I am reminded to be of help to people just like what the uber driver has done. He has become a blessing to the people around him. I long myself to be a blessing to other people, yet if I sleep at home, how could I be a blessing to others?

Come out and show up, you’re beautifully and perfectly created to be a blessing to people around you.

‘Thank You God for the amazing reminder today that I must become a blessing to the people around me. Thank Your for your never ending love and companion. Thank You for all I have got in my life. Teach me, o Lord not to lean on my own understanding, but to You, God of all the universe.’