‘God, today I am thankful for another day You have trusted me. Teach me to count my days and remind me that earth is my temporary place so my eyes will always look upon You’

‘God, today I am thankful for Your unending love here in England. I found the joy and the love in You through Your believers in Your church of Buckingham Chapel. They treat me as You have commanded. I am not let alone, they become my family in Your name. Thank You for the beautiful sermon I heard. That everyone who relies on Your name will never fail. No matter how impossible it seems. Just like how You have chosen David. He Prevailed over Goliath. ‘

Meet my brother and sisters in faith. Sera is from Gambia, Bella is from China and Jhon is from England. Jhon leads us in Bible study every saturday evening. We have never known before. We meet here in the Buckingham Chapel. But, they have been more than a family for me. I feel embraced and not let alone. I feel how to love and being loved in Christ outside my Indonesian context. Meeting them and others who aren't in this photo are such a wonderful grace. I am amazed of how great is my God's love. In Jesus Christ, we have become one (Gal 3: 27-29). Thank you God for your unending love and for these beautiful hearted people. How can I not be thankful? Let Jesus be my only portion. #buckinghamchapel#blessed#faith#christians#dailybread

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‘God, Thank You for the Indonesian Christian family here in Bristol. Although we did not know before in Indonesia, but here we can meet because of Your name. They have served us joyfully that we feel so blessed. That we are preparing our songs to perform in London for Indonesian Christian Christmas in London in Dec 11, may it will be glorious to Your presence.’