Lovely Bristol

Here in Bristol, I applaud how people live in peace and harmony with each other. People are very friendly. ‘Thank you’ ‘Cheers’ Have a nice day’ Please’ are very common words used to express their friendliness to every one. Instead of being racist, people get along so well that no one should be feeling intimidated. Rights are well respected as for the physical disability there provided special services included lanes at the road, automatic doors, spaces at buses and trains.

People are devoted to their jobs that you can always see  busy street at 7 to 9 am and 4-6 in the weekdays. They are great time managers. They use the time efficiently as for weekend they will have a total break. As for me, I am still struggling with time managements. 😀

This city is adorable for its students friendliness too. Students’ life are simplified for every thing sold has students’ pricing. Students only need to show their students card (which finally ends up called ‘magic card’) and will be given special price. The same thing happens in the local transportation too. There will be students’ price after showing their students card. Isn’t it so lovely?

What’s more? Hmm, I do not have a lot of data of my own experience but  I witnessed my friend who stays next door to me couldn’t stop screaming at the very first time we shopped. She compares a lot well-known brands’ prices which I finally gaped unbelievably. Some just sound like abracadabra to me. 🙂 So, There are shopping quarters in the city centre which offer pleasure to shopaholic. Well some girls choose a city with shopping centre as paramount. A research might need to be conducted to solve why girls love shopping. Well, I can be excluded though 😛

The last in my basket is its safety. There has never been recorded any single case for creepy or suspected activities around nor profound act of terrorism. Thanks to every single Bristolian for keeping this place safe.

Bristol and My Christianity Life

I once thought before coming that people will be mostly Christians here. Well, it seems that people here are now more flexible about being in a religion. They can easily say that they are not attached to any religion. It differs like earth to the moon to Indonesia where a resident must have one specific belief. It comes to question me either the golden era of the Christianity of this place has expired or people are more self reliant to their own.

There comes pros and cons to this issue. As many countries stick to religion and proclaim they are believers; racist, rights abuse, act of terrorism, injustice, gender inequality and wars are daily scenes. In the meantime, people here do not claim to being in particular religion but they know how to practice the rules of love. They also do not fight over which religion is the truest. There’s no blood shedding over ego between them just because one is A and other is Z. I am swayed by how they treat their human fellow, actively fight the inequality, hand in hand to tackle the injustice and there are charities activities everywhere; for cancer charity, homeless, children hospice, and many more. At this very rate, It makes me mirroring, I am a believer, yet I have not yet practiced how to love from the bible I have always read. Taken aback, they excel at this point.

One point which I finally come to comment is the way people value a relationship. I discover that here the term of LGBT is legally accepted. People are rightful over their sexual orientation. They can be either of the terms yet they still respect one another and there will no be social norm over it. Again it is their right.

Nightlife are enticing that can drown everyone there. People enjoy having party and alcohol. Dancing through the night might be a routine for some people around here. Girls are seem to feel comfortable to expose their body.  It does not seem matter for them and they have never been forced or force other to do so. Again that’s rightful.

Besides, people are rightful to choose to live with partner. They can stop whenever like they feel not into it. Then find another which the same cycle may repeat several times. That’s quite surprising for me before that I hold into a principle when a couple chooses to live together is under blessing in sacred matrimony or wedding.

Here, sex is cheap or call it free sex where someone can get it after dancing hours together or whenever they feel like doing it and the next morning thanking each other for the night they share. Then, go home to continue their own never ending search again. Again, there is no side felt like they are taken benefit of, that they should get married remembering they have done a ‘husband and wife’ affair.

The girls also don’t suicide or become crazy because they have lost their virginity before marriage. There is a probability they have done it with some too.

I call myself a believer, a Christian.  I learn from them that I am not that good for I am lack in practicing kindness like they do. This is a homework for me.

Again I am a Christian who believe in holiness. I am responsible to keep my body, my heart and my mind pure for those are what God asks me to do through holy bible which I believe.

I believe that God created Sex for a holy pleasure which is a gift for marriage. A gift for a couple which has committed to live through happiness and sadness their whole life through.

If sex is the prior reason for marriage, it won’t last long. It expires for it’s only a chemical reaction. Let not I be sinned only because of sex.

Thus, I aim at keeping my very best only to the one who values the Christianity the way I do. Let me meet that one only. The one I would rather not call ‘missing piece’ because I am a whole perfect creation by my God but call it the one who God has chosen. May he keeps himself holy and pure as much as I keep myself.

At the end,

Praise what is good and avoid what is not right. It is people right to choose their pathway. Respect as they respect too. Just hold on to what you believe without judging this is wrong and this one is true. It will more shameful calling oneself a believer of any religion but cannot reflect the kindness as they have shown.



This is only a piece of opinion based fact which doesn’t mean to offend anyone. Please excuse If there is any detail written unwisely.