Living abroad, in UK. Wow what a fancy life it would be!

What kind of life are you are exactly dreaming of? A peaceful life, an organized life, a luxury life or a fabulous life?

Well, as a student, remember first you are a student (unless you’re not hahha), you are here for a specific reason, an important mission that you are responsible to yourself in the future. Do you have to follow the glamourous life the city you are in? It is different to different personality.

Well again it depends on the individual itself, but if you are exactly think like me maybe this tips can help you a little bit.

  1. Find the students which are from the same country as you are. This thing is the very first and priority things that you have to do before and after your departure. They will be of a great help abroad when you are really far away from home. They act as your family and people you talk to when you miss home badly. Well if you are lucky you can be like me finding who are not only from my country, but also my region. What’s more they have the same tribe as I am (in my case Batak). Yeaiii, I have a new home here.
  2. Cook for yourself. This may sound funny to you probably because you might have never been cooking before or you always practicing practicality. But if you are no different with me, ‘a rice eating girl’ you will somehow believe me. I have a hard time accustoming myself to eating sandwich which does not fit into my tongue. Therefore I manage to cook my meal everyday. That’ll be too much and spend a lot of time, but it will worth it. You can save your money by cooking yourself because a sandwich is sold for GBP 3 which is the same as 1kg chicken that you probably can eat for 4 to 5 times. See! That’s how you do the calculation. Drink alot of milk for they are purely fresh and the expiry date are only about 1 week and they will make you stronger to face the winter. Hahahah. Rice can be bought for 80 Pence/kg in Sainsbury but again if you are from village like me you’ll soon notice the different in it. Like something missing. Go to Asian Food Store, like China Town in London or Wah Yan Hong in Bristol to buy a ‘more Asian Rice’.
  3. Actualise Yourself. If you’re studying as a fulltime student in UK, you will only have time to accomplish everything in one year. Well for me, I was so sure before about this but now I start regretting why in the world I chose it? Huhuhuh. It now feels a way too short. You must get your study done with ‘Distinction’ or ‘A’ grade in mind, read a lot of books, attend classes, write essays while in the meantime you want to follow some activities at University like Charity, Sport, Education Association, Teachers Community and even you want to be actively doing fellowship at church. Well, be real and set your time wisely. Put them based on the priority. Do not feel burdened and think that it is only a year. Make the most out of it. Please do not stay locked at your room.
  4. Travel and See the world. This is indispensable. Yes, sounds more crazily after I am telling you the very short time huh? Learn the time management, and arrange your study time neatly. There are Saturday and Sundays which is totally you don’t have to worry about anything. Weekend is the time you must give yourself a break. After a week drowning in a book, do have refreshing. There many close places that you can just visit in an hour journey with bus or train. Go see the world, you may have no chance again tomorrow. For a far place, look at your calendar and adjust the time. By doing so, you’ll also be more organised about your plan regarding to the essays deadline. Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  5. Choose friend wisely and Don’t destroy yourself for anything. Well, living in fancy city, some may want to look as if, as though, as whatever… You don’t have to measure the significant progress of yourself by how many foreign friends you have to show off to the world, how many times have you gone dancing, how glamour is the nightlife, how many brand of liquor have you tried, or how many guys have you dated. People may have different opinion with this, but I prefer not. If you feel so like me, raise your hand! Hahahhaha. Stay the way you are, don’t get swayed or drowned to the flow of the world around you. Be wise in choosing your friends. There’s no way you can say, ‘yes I make friends with everyone, I follow them to  but I do nothing, I am just seeing’. Beware, wrong friendships will sooner or later will destroy your good habit. Surround yourself with friends who have good vibes, good habit and build a better you.
  6. Follow a religious community according to your faith. In relation to the previous number, you may find it hard to deal with your surrounding. Like sometimes you may find it hard to refuse a friend invitation to go out at one fine night in the weekend. Make yourself busy with positive activity that instead of going to a crowded place with loud music, you can improve your faith. As for me, I have Bible study every Saturday and my friend Risma who is a Moslem always has kind of Quran study as well. We make friendship which we both respect each other and hold onto our faith. We manage to live faithfully through our faith.
  7. Be Attentive and Learn Every Single thing. Always ready with your pen and notebook to note every little thing. Do not be afraid to ask something that you don’t really understand or you don’t hear very clearly at conversations. British people are very friendly, they will surely teach you all those sorts of things. What’s more is because you just have one year or probably 2 years if you continuing your study outside UK. The point is just learn as much as you can, absorb, transform, apply and initiate the change to your country one day.

Well, the abovementioned are a lot. While there are many more that you will absolutely need to so you can survive in the meantime I still hope this piece of writing can give you a little bit overview of what can of life you may start to imagine. Happy planning!


Bristol- UK